Long time no see! Been busy with my offline life once again.

So first off: for the first time, in a long time, I've completed some commissions! Feels nice to feel like working on them again- hopefully, things will stay that way for a little while while I regain my stamina. As usual, I streamed my art live, and was happy to have my audience of supporters give me feedback on their commissions while I was doing them.

Speaking of streaming, I have a new twitch channel banner that I've made! It's not much for now, but I'll hopefully be drawing and adding more characters to it over time (like my top 5 main Overwatch heroes, for example!)

Secondly: I'm on the road to completing some of those overdue art obligations I mentioned in July. Some of the things I owe are from as far back as October of 2015, which is very terrible on my part. Thankfully I have most of them archived in my OneNote notebook so that I can continue to keep track.

Etc, etc.: My sister is going to be having a second child soon (a nephew!) and I might be even more scarce due to that.

Not entirely sure what 3D characters I wanna work on next. I'm thinking of redoing team CBLT's models since I've updated my base model with much needed improvements. We'll see with time, once I make up my mind.

Also, I recently bought a Surface Pro 4 pen, because my mom owns a Surface 3 tablet, and I've been experimenting with drawing on it. It's very nice and easy to use, and part of the reason I've been able to work my way up to drawing again. In fact, I actually began one of my overdue art obligations with it, and it's practically 1/3rd done! (I've also done some concept sketches that I'll be posting here for the public soon!)

Medibang Paint works perfectly on it, and I was planning on saving up for one of my own, preferably with more RAM (my mom's only has 2 GB T_T) I don't really need much space for it, since I'd probably be doing a lot of preliminary sketching and stuff, but it feels nice to have a lightweight PC that I also happen to be able to draw on. I at least would like to be able to do live streams on my own device in a comfortable capacity.

I'm not throwing out my current laptop and screen tablet, because it works really well as a multitasking and high performance computer for 2D/3D art, gaming, and streaming- and my tablet makes a nice 2nd monitor when it's not in use. But it isn't fun when I have to pack up and lug around this cumbersome setup of mine, despite how "portable" it actually is

But hopefully, with me on the road to artistic recovery, this is one of those goals I can meet!


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