Back after my break, Chapter 201 is up. Thought I'd do a quick update about what I've been up to. New look to the Patreon page, for a start.

The move to Gravity Tales has been working out well, lots of new readers and tech people behind the scenes to help me sort things out. They have a discord channel I idle in most of the day, so if you ever want to ask me anything, that's where I'll be.

Finally finished editing Book 5: Welcome to Nekromel. The time travel stuff was a real headache to sort out but got there in the end. It's available on Amazon and the usual places, but anyone on Blue belt tier ($10) or higher is eligible for a free copy in the format of their choice (mobi, epub, pdf) . If you want a copy, just drop me a note with the format you want. I know some of you prefer to buy the books, for which I'm very grateful.

I included a list of names from Green belt ($5) and up as promised in the rewards. Anyone who didn't want to be famous let me know and I can remove you.

It ended up being 500 pages which is pretty long. Book 1 was 170. This new one also feels like it's going to be quite long. I'm bringing back many characters from the series. Thought I should use them more than once. Maybe  a Biadet/Laney face off - might be fun.

Which reminds me I have to write that Laney/Biadet short story... 

I spent some money on getting all the books proofread so hopefully all the little typos I keep missing are now gone. 

I've also been writing two new stories on RoyalRoadL and they're doing quite well. The daily one has more views (for obvoius reasons) but the weekly one is getting the better response. Writing a chapter over a whole week is almost relaxing.

And I actually sold some paperbacks last month! Well, three. For those who don't know, I released the first three books as a collection and included the Princess Laney short story. It isn't cheap so I wasn't expecting to sell any.

I think I'm on top of things (for now) so just have to make sure Book 6 gives Colin a decent challenge. Thanks again for all the support.