Here is an old picture just because I'm going to say stuff!!

I'll be going to Anime Matsuri this weekend.  Woooo~! Which meaaaaans... Zee will be taking his DSLR and I will be taking costumes!!  So, soon to be coming to 5$ and 10$ Patrons will be nice pictures of Mila Maxwell (with just my hair, no wig) and mayyyybe of Plutia (Hyperdimension - the sleepy form not the Iris Heart form... hehe... sorry :P )

This is an open post because I want people to know that I'm open to suggestions for cosplays that people think I could pull off... or if you just wanna see it in general >.>

Gave my resume out to ppls and I will be applying to a couple more places tonight.  I might be getting an apartment of moving out with two friends because the situation at home got worse lately.  Otherwise, as soon as I get this second job (cross your fingers!!) I will be able to buy the cosplay things I want... which means you guys get more pictures~!! 

Sidenote... I'm on a mini hiatus from social media... except Instagram I guess... just because I've been thinking about a few things  and I might make some changes.  However, if anyone needs to contact me and you don't have me on Skype or text messages feel free to email me ( [email protected] ) or @ me on twitter to get my attention (I get the text notifications but I don't have Twitter installed on my phone).

Have a good (insert time of day here) everyone!!! <3 <3 <3