Update! And an invitation...
I've waited this long to post an update for two reasons. The first is that I don't actually know what's going on with Pika's Peak just yet. The second is that up until recently, I've had a hard time putting words to what's going on with me. And the two are all tangled up together, so where to even start?

Well. I've been going through a really long, hard, dark time. I haven't had it in me to maintain a page-a-week schedule with Patch for the comic. And we haven't communicated about it much, either, beyond a few emails last fall left unresolved. That's entirely on me. I'm hoping to fix this in the near future so I can give you a clearer sense of The State of the Comic - but I do know that if Pika's Peak continues (which doesn't seem likely), it will probably be heading in a different direction, and with a much more relaxed posting schedule. I do know that Patch wasn't all that comfortable with Patreon and doesn't want to continue posting here. So if I resume working on Pika's Peak, I will be posting it on my own newly-launched Patreon page, mixed in with all my other current projects.

What am I working on? Lots of things! I'm putting together prints and notecards featuring my own illustrations. I'm working on coloring pages for at least one, and possibly two, coloring books. And I'm also starting to make comics - mostly about my experiences living with disabilities, and struggling with mental health issues, PTSD, and trauma, but with a few lighter asides mixed in. I have a lot of fun things planned for my Patreon page, and my hope is that you will consider joining me over there instead. I'd like to wrap things up over here, and I won't be posting much to this account once I figure out what's going on with Pika's Peak, but I'd love to share my work with you over on my new page

Come join me, okay? See you there.  

- Akire ♥ 😀 ♥