Update—and an Important Change
Hello, dear patrons!  I have an update for you along with some thoughts and an important change.  But first, I want to thank you for your show of faith in internisus.  I'm not exactly running the largest games media network on the planet here (not yet, at least!), so your choice to support me is most meaningful.

When I decided to start this Patreon, I was concerned that my output was not prolific enough to warrant monthly donations.  To avoid the possibility that I might not get enough done to satisfy patrons, it seemed safer to ask for contributions only for carefully edited feature videos.  However, I now feel that this was a mistake—a half commitment.

In the three weeks since I published my feature on WE ARE DOOMED, I have shared with you a playthrough of the backer-exclusive Bloodstained demo, a new podcast episode, and a commented impressions walkthrough of the System Shock remake.  I intend to bring back live streams with a regular schedule for DOOM and many more games, and, of course, my plans for features aren't going anywhere.  To my surprise, I'm finding myself beginning to make more content—and a wider variety of it—than I had expected.

As a result, I've decided to change to the more traditional Patreon model of monthly pledges before it becomes too difficult to make that transition.  A monthly system will avoid the stickiness of having to determine what does and does not qualify as a "feature video," which will keep things clear—for myself as much as for patrons.  More importantly, knowing that I need to meet expectations and earn patrons' support on a timely basis will keep me producing and diversifying, which might be the best kind of influence that Patreon can have on a creator!

The first monthly pledges will not be collected until August 1st, so you have a full month to see how you feel about this change.  I hope that you'll approve of my decision!  Whether you choose to stick with me or not, I'll value any feedback you have about it.

Thank you,


P. S. I may not be able to get much done for the next ten days or so as my apartment is being renovated (whether I like it or not).  This is why I've hesitated to begin a regular live schedule.  Things will pick up again once the disruption has passed!