An update, and a question for you...
Hello my beautiful patrons!

I hope your week is off to a grand start.

I wanted to let you know that research for my book is in full swing, and that I'm finalizing some of your rewards - you'll get news and links soon.

Also...what's the positive equivalent of opening a Pandora's box? The last week has been that for me, thanks to watching the award-winning show 'The West Wing' for the first time.

It's thrown the doors wide open to the form and content of my book and future articles about inspired leadership for troubling times. I had NO idea just how witty, informative and thought-provoking The West Wing is, and I'm brimming with ideas that weren't there a week ago.

So, here are my questions for you...

Do you know of other TV shows or movies about political/global leadership that adopt a similar style i.e. equal parts smart/thought-provoking & witty? I'd love those recommendations to help round out my research.

If you have watched or are a fan of The West Wing, what do you love about it?

Please share your thoughts & comments below - I'm excited to read them.

More soon.

In peace & inventiveness,


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