Update and Pokemon Go
Hey guys just thought I would give a little update on what I was doing.  I know it's been a while since I posted here.  

I have so many logos to do it's insane.  I am working on a logos for new youtubers, I have some really big youtubers lined up and more interested and then a couple that I can't even talk about :) 

The image above is a logo for a game that I am sure most of you have heard about.  I had to take a few days and put this one together.  My family and I are loving this game and it seems to be exploding the internet at the moment.  I even ran to the store to get specific colors of filament just so I could get it printed.  I am hoping to have it done and posted before the end of the week.  I plan to make it and in true A Pyro Design fashion I am going to give it away.  I'll hold a contest on gleam for it and add the details to the video.  

As always, I really appreciate all the support.   I am going to keep trying to add in some more patreon only exclusives as I go.  



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