Hello lifers, patrons, and friends. We wanted to take this opportunity to put up a post about some of the new stuff that's been going on with LAtCS.

We would like to talk about whats in the picture above, but we have some stuff to get through first!

First, we want to thank all of the patrons that have come on board in supporting the show monetarily and give thanks to those listeners who have continued to download and enjoy the show. We hope everybody has been enjoying the bits, the ramblings, and the interviews. 

As spring rolls in and the summer heat creeps up on the horizon, we are looking forward to getting some interviews done that we've been wanting to get to.

The recent shadespire stuff has been fun and well received.  The game is a wad of excellent fun and frustration.  We’ve been happy with the positive feedback from those episodes. There are a few other games that we have been eyeballing to do another deep cut and with so many new 40K codex releases, we would like to pop in with some 40K talk.

Before we get to showing off what we recently purchased with the patreon money, we need to take care of some business regarding the patreon. One of the big changes that we have made is that we are going to start doing sponsor provided patreon only giveaways.

On April 15th  (this means that all people who have pledged in the month of MARCH will be a part of the giveaway) we will be drawing a name for a Tablewar FatMat. For those patrons at the $3 LIFER level they will be getting one entry into the number generator for that prize. Anyone who is at the new $5 LIFER+ plus category will have their name put into the drawing twice.  We also have a bit of swag from tablewar and we think we are going use that as a second, smaller drawing on that date.

We also plan on getting product packages from our other sponsors to do more drawings at least every quarter. But as new items come to us, we would like to do flash drawings in addition to the quarterly giveaway. 

All in all, we think this is a good setup because it will help promote our sponsors products, it will help feed the patreon, and it will get all those awesome goodies into the hands of our lucky winners.

As some of you have already seen, we have been doing a variety of Google Hangouts where ED and BnB have been working on Hobby progress. These will continue as Ed persists in crushing painting commissions and Blake fumbles around with models and paint.

So if anybody was not aware of these new parts to the patreon, you should look at the rewards side of the patreon and see what's new.

And finally, what we're most proud about right now - is that we are able to buy two new microphones for the show. They are USB inputs which will allow us new flexibility for recording.  We did run into a snag, however, in which we couldn't use them both at the same time.  So we are getting one of the digital IDs reprogrammed so that they can both communicate separately with the recording computer.  So when Blake gets home, the new reprogram the microphone should be waiting.

These microphones are special because they are the first thing that we have purchased with the patreon money.  They are a physical reminder of the generosity of the LAtCS listeners. Every time we plug them in and use them to create a show, know that you the patrons are part of our creation process.