Update and question on future video ideas!
Hey guys! Hope you're having a great week :) Salome arrives on Thursday and we'll be practicing for the live shows as soon as she gets here! I'll take some pics to share hehe! So I've been struggling a bit lately with keeping up my video schedule because of our move, live show prep, traveling, other projects, etc. At this point I'm really determined to try and get as organized as possible so I don't constantly feel like I'm behind schedule all the time! I'm super excited to start working on new original songs again next month, and that's when I'm also starting my Pledge Music campaign as well for the original album. In addition to the originals and covers from my albums, what other types of music would you most like to hear me perform and see videos for? I've been thinking a lot lately about trying out some more classic songs like Over the Rainbow, maybe some more folk oriented songs like Simple Gifts (Lord of the Dance), The Water is Wide etc. I'd also love to do some pop and rock songs here and there to broaden my audience as well. What do you think? With the expenses of creating a video, getting costumes/wardrobe, music production, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for me to do songs that weren't already somewhat well-known because otherwise I'll probably end up losing out on expenses just to put everything together, and I'll already be taking that risk with my originals especially if they don't catch on right away (or ever haha!). So keeping that in mind, what do you guys think would make the most sense and what types of songs or specific songs would you like to hear more of besides my normal video game/film/anime repertoire? I really value your opinions since you're the ones helping me fund my videos so l'd love to hear what you think! :)