An Update, and Some Changes.
It's been my dream to create my own animated works since I was 13. It was never a dream I thought I could realize until a few days ago. My parents used to actively thwart me whenever I tried to do anything towards any goals I ever had. And so it got into my head that it wasn't worthwhile to work hard for anything, to ever try. Surely, something would come along and take it away. I realize no one is standing in my way now, after many years of frustration. I'm going to begin my way.

So, I've changed up my page a little. I am still drawing chibis (many of which are still not posted here), but now I am including in this my efforts to begin animating my own works, as well as my other illustrations.

It will be slow going because of my other responsibilities, but I am going. 

I started illustrating a movement sequence, and watching my character move- just blink, really- moved me with joy, a feeling I haven't had in years. I'll be sure to share some progress asnd the finished sequence once it's done. I'm not too used to having technology, so I have to remind myself to shoot video of me working or to take pictures along the way.

Thank you.