Update: April 23rd, 2018
What it do, my bois?!!!!

I'll tell you what it do. It do editing and nothing else.
I'm starting to worry about Izzy, he hasn't eaten in weeks and I'm sure as hell not gonna feed him; he could bite my hand off. Then keep it, construct an intricate system of pulleys and use it as a third hand for yet more editing.
I need my hand. For masturbating and... other.

Speaking of masturbating, our Sakura-Con panel will be available on our Youtube channel by Saturday the 28th of April.
For all you lovely Patrons, it's already available! Streamers and sparklers!!!!!

We've also updated our channel goals ever so slightly. As we reached our first goal quite a while ago, we figured it was about time to offer you guys even more ridiculous bullshit on top of our... well... ridiculous bullshit.
Think you'll be especially interested in the $8000 milestone.

Love and... other,