Update: August 12
Hello everybody! 

First of all, let me say thanks for sticking with me. Your support and help has kept me going in tough times and kept me fed in some tight spots.

Thanks you, every  time I look at the page and see there are still people willing to support me I am filled with so much excitement that someone out there is willing to support my strange craft and is waiting to see more. That riles up my creative juices and just makes me wanna create more and more!

Thank you.

Now! Let's get to the nitty-gritty! 

Interaction! I'm gonna be better on engaging with my delicious patrons and talking with you guys! Patreon has been new to me and I realize I cannot exist as some phantom hand that tosses art and content spectrally into the void for you. 
As much as I do this for me, it's also for you! So please leave me comments and I'll reply to them!

Amalgams! I'm working on Amalgams 4 and 5 at the moment and Patreon rewards. I've actually been contracted for several freelance jobs so that's where my time and creative priority has been in the last two months (my clients are Fantastic by the way!). But Amalgams 4 and 5 will drop soon!

Your investment! So with your support I've put those into two podcasts! Weeaboo Wednesday with my friend Mark Rosenberg and Tea Talk Tomahawk with my friend Max Rogerson!  We plan on doing a podcast every 2 weeks which I will post here also! They're both still pretty much in the works, so expect a lot of blabbering and ranting at the void!

New Content! I'm introducing the Weekly! A post at the end of every week on Friday! It'll be a different thing every week, maybe it's a random roll table! Possibly a contextless graph on TERROR. Maybe some strange anatomies. I mainly wanted to give you guys something else than reposting the art I put daily on my art blog (unless you would also like a mirror of my feed from there too here?). The first Friday of the month's weekly will be free for all to see, but the ones dropping the rest of the month will be paton's eyes only.

Changes! I'm thinking of moving around reward brackets and changing the dates on deliverables, such as Amalgams. One major change would be the addition of a new Patreon reward tier, the 25 cent tier skull voyeur! This would make it so 1$ supporters would receive the Amalgams drops, and that 5$ supporters and up would have special offers (free or super discounted) for my future original digital works I have scheduled to drop on my Gumroad!

Again thank you so much for your support. If you got anything you wanna talk about please leave me some comments or PM me here! I'm getting the hang of this, and when I do it'll be all cigars and happy dogs from there!

Thank you for your wonderful patience.