[Update] August 2017

Only one topic for this update. Our next adult adventure series will be "Unauthorized Human Trials." What should our next child-friendly adventure series be? 

Children from a Lonely Star (8+)
An abandoned human colony longs to return to space after many generations. Children born on this planet are beginning to develop powers they can only barely control.

Home is where the Hearth is (3+)
In a land of horses, unicorns and pegasi. Can the three tribes come together to survive the coming winter? Loosely based on the popular television show My Little Pony.

Palace of the Golden Princess (8+)
The palace is a school for children of noble heritage. But dark forces are at work to disrupt the student's education. Similar in tone to Harry Potter, but with a focus on social etiquette and adventure as skillsets.

The Sun-Scorched Throne (13+)
A classical fantasy world. You are part of a secret organization of treasure hunters. Additional rules exist for this playset, including Race, Class and Loot. 

Children from a Lonely Star


Home is Where the Hearth Is


Palace of the Golden Princess


The Sun-Scorched Throne

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