Update: August 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome to month 2 of the Patreon. Time for an update to keep track of what I'm doing in terms of this project.

Aden Defence Force

As this is the first force list for project, it had ended up taking slightly longer than originally planned. Probably the biggest issue was finding myself writing elements around the simple force list before eventually realising it should actually be saved for a much wider topic - for example, when looking at building a squad or platoon, you don't need to know about the details of Aden's conscription system. Instead, you just have to be aware that you may need to deal with a mixture of experience levels (from the reservists and conscripts who haven't paid their way out of service up to the foreign veterans serving in exchange for citizenship).

Because of this, I'm not quite finished. However, I do have the basic elements finished, it's now about adding the words around the core ideas. I'm also detailing common modifications - its very easy to find TOE lists for conflicts that were modified as soon as they hit the actual battlefield and so I want to provide more options when assembling your squads.

As a little preview as to what I have been working on, an Aden Defence Force Infantry Platoon is very similar to a British Army Infantry platoon, even down to the standard infantry rifle (yep, you'll be seeing the words L85A2 multiple times). However, there are a few tweaks to match the defensive situation Aden is in - Squad 3 of the platoon is a departure from the norm, designed to assist the platoon when occupying defensive strong points that the Aden Defence Force have established in the disputed zone, providing sustained fire and anti-vehicle weapons close at hand.

Scenario Planning

The other element is working out the template for how best to show all of these scenarios I have written. To be frank, when writing for the club, most of the information is just for me. I'll make up the maps based on what terrain I can get my hands on, tweak things while standing over the table and occasionally midway through - normally to help tell a better story. So upgrading them for people to try and play themselves, as well as in a system agnostic way, is requiring a little extra time.

However, I think I have the basic idea lined up. The next step is deciding how best to show the common data before splitting them up into the different rule sets.

On the blog...

When I'm not writing for this, my wargaming time have been taking a look at a few other things as you can see on my blog at  https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/ . In addition to the Monday updates, I managed to crank out a few other posts:

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