An update: catching up with Bits & Bytes
So, this is my first update post here at Patreon.

The daily updates in the Bits & Bytes' Tumblr are soon to catch up with the original Spanish timeline, meaning that, once we do that, the comic will update once a week in both Spanish and English. That means I'll be able to tinker a thing or two around here at Patreon as well.

I was considering a small reward for anyone who donates. Namely, that they will be able to read all my new comics (Bits & Bytes, Wilfreda, Tales from Mágika) slightly before their official releases. For instance, I've already finished this week's Bits & Bytes page, but I won't show it officially until Friday. But I could upload it to Patreon right when I finish it (between Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually). The reason I'm not doing it right now is because I still want to reach parity between Spanish and English pages.

What do you think about that?

Also, once we catch up with the updates in English, I will be giving that Tumblr page a bit of a coat of paint, probably changing the theme into something more webcomic-ish. I should also consider a page for the Wilfreda strips as well.

Still working things out, as you can see. Stay tuned for more!

(Megawacky Max)