Update City
As we are getting closer to an abandoned city (100 years of decay) we´'re focusing on the vegetation; as we get the level we desire, we will be focusing on the buildings as most of them are concepts (the biggest one will be part of the trama so it will have little modifications)  and may not be in the final build. But, as we are getting  a low frame rate (lower to 20) as our PC is pushing the limits (I3 proccessor) we, at the moment won't risk to show a video of the area (sorry if that dissapoint you).

Oh yes, we have the concepts for a sewer system (it will be clean as it is abandoned, and it will be a dark maze), the subway level will have more modifications and the office level still need the decay effect.

The model of Hanna (she will be an important part of this level of the project) is the old model, that's why we took the screenshots of her back (not because her... back... yeah... honest...) it will be replaced by the new model as long the Unreal Engine accepts the bones of her new avatar (we will be posting that part this week).