Update + Coupons + Sneek Peek!

SO I wanted to do a musical inspired Patron book for our first project together, but I've run into some legal loopholes. Musicians have the right to control their likeness and because this would be for Patrons technically it comes under commercial use. So I am going to sidebar that idea for now. I have some really fantastic plans for it but it's going to be SUPER slow because I have to contact each musician and ask for permission to use it (I've been waiting 3 months for any responses and none are coming). Unless I can think of some way to make these images into parody or caricature...but I'm not sure how to approach that.

SO We should get started on the postcards project! Who wants to be involved? I will post up some more information on them later on and a submission link, so we can have some fun! I will also be opening this up to Facebook fans but you guys will get priority and more fun ;). Until we have some more patrons we might have to include some fans but you guys will be the ones I work on the project with, and get priority to be a part of it :D. 

Also please alert me immediately if there are any issues with the store or coupons, as the PDF watermarker has broken down and I am having to use a replacement in the meantime that leaves a lot to be desired. I've been trying to fix it all month that's why I haven't released anything :'(.

March Coupon Codes for the Color Me Forum Store: 

Lollipops ($1 Patrons): X585KOSI

Tattoo+ ($5+ Patrons): O4QFLUNL

You get TWO USES of these bad boys because I posted them a week late, so I'm trying to buy back your love ha ha ;) they are restricted to the email associated with your account on the store and will not work if anything that's not a digital page is in your cart. If you get an error that this is not your coupon please ensure you are logged in before contacting me (click my account, if it says hi to you then you're logged in!)