Update; dead mac, re-launch postponed & why i'm grateful <3
Hello all! Sorry for the lack of updates/replies here atm, my mac has died which means I've been busily trying to fix it/re-do the work I'd recently completed for a current comic project i was helping Jas with. Also patreon's pretty rubbish on my phone my phone these days so i cant reply to ur comments here atm. :/ Fortunately I keep a broken old laptop for just such occasions, i've been working on this, w/a broken screen (the screen here should b totally white, but has had this mottled appearance ever since an incident involving face-wash shortly after it was bought! Lol) this machine is old & not internet-safe, so there's a limit to how useful it is right now. I've now re-done all the work we needed asap, & were on our last ditch attempt to try to recover the files on my old mac b4 taking it to a specialist to see if they can recover/repair it, but atm i'm completely resigned to having to buy a new one. - A considerable cost I wasn't anticipating! Plus, i have to file & pay my tax return by the end of the month! :/ i've just spoken w/HMRC & they cant give extensions, but they did say i might b able to appeal the late filing fee if i miss the deadline so at least that's something. However, inspite of feeling like everything is going wrong, I'm focusing on the silver linings everywhere! Everyone has been so lovely & helpful! Peeps have offered me computers/ cables/money to loan to help w/buying a new machine etc. peeps have offered support w/trying to fix the mac & even recommended places to get good deals on second hand macs, which has all been so helpful! Last night i set up a ko-fi.com account (a bit like a tip-jar) & already i've had an amazing amount of support pouring in! I'm not expecting anyone to contribute (especially my patrons who already give me so much!) but if anyone did want to do so the link is here; ko-fi.com/katcardy Sadly all of this upset means i'm going to have to put the patreon re-launch on hold, as i can't currently access the files & things i need. I'm sorry for this delay, but i'll set another date as soon as i have an idea of when i'll be back up & running. I'm going to do my best to do what i can w/the tax return so i should b able to blast through the rest as soon as i can access my files again! Thanks so much for your patience, understanding & support at this difficult time! - keep yer fingers crossed for me that i'll be back up & running again soon? Massive thanks! .:Kat:. Ps: sorry if this post is garbled/hard to read, i'm not great at composing long messages exclusively on my phone! xD