Update! + Exclusive Patreon Deal
Hey everyone. Sorry about the flimsy update schedule lately. I only just got back from Planet Comicon in Missouri (my first ever comic con outside the UK.) And on top of that, I am moving, so there is an awful lot going on. Figured I should let you guys know what was going on so you didn't think I was just being a lazybones.

Fortunately, due to the move, I will be able to stream a lot more. So look forward to much more virtual hangout action.


I have decided that all $5 tier patrons can get a free PDF download of my latest book "Horseback Earthsmack" and all $20 tier patrons can get a free signed physical copy on top of the PDF, that includes free shipping regardless of where you live. So if you want it, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL SET YOU UP.