update - the first month
we're now a little more than halfway through january and i've got some free time, so it seems appropriate to talk about how my patrons have helped me out this month. i'll start out by saying that the $30ish i received did NOT go to my electric bill, because at that point i was already paid up, but it did come in handy with my cable/internet bill. basically what happened was that i paid rent on the 1st of the month (a sunday) and that money didn't actually come out until a day or two later. when it DID, i was running super low on funds, and i had my C/I bill due that coming saturday (the 7th). the bill, as i've said on here, is $60. at that point in time, i had about half that, so the incoming money from here was just enough to cover the rest. patreon said that it would be giving me the money on the 5th, but it wound up being a bit late and i didn't get it until late on the night of the 6th, which was fine because i was able to pay my bill with a couple hours to spare (i was worried that if it took any longer it'd be frozen until after the weekend). worked out great, although i was completely broke after that until i could get paid again. anyway, i wouldn't have been able to pay that bill had it not been for the people on here that have decided for some reason or another to support me. it really came in handy this month and i appreciate it a hell of a lot. hopefully i won't have to rely on it so much in the future and can get out of the tight spot im in (i've got a potential raise coming next month?), but it really saved me this time so thank you.