Update for 2018 April 25
Hi Patrons!

I'm not dead, I promise. In fact, I've been hard at work on several projects. LibUI, on which libui-rs depends, is resurrected, so I'm working with the maintainer to get some memory management code put in place, which will make libui-rs (and thus iui) projects far less memory hungry.

In addition, I'm working with Packt Press on three video courses, one on Go and two on Rust. I'll do my best to work something out with them so that y'all get free or reduced-price access to them (they'll be very reasonably priced anyway).

Also, of course, I've had lots of school work, so that's been taking up some time. Fortunately thinks are coming to a turning point, and I think it's pretty much uphill from here.

Hoping to get some coding done tonight, too, but no promises unfortunately.

Thank you for all your help. I wouldn't be where I am without you.

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