An update for my patrons
Two things:

1. I *am* going to go through with the change to a per-chapter basis. That's two finished chapters for now, by the way, not just one. I *may* change it to a per-chapter basis in the future if I can, but for right now it'll be every two chapters.

2. This will be starting IMMEDIATELY.

So, here's why I'm doing this.

I'm currently unemployed and have been since mid-July. At the time I was working a six-month-long temporary contract job which was supposed to end in September. What I was hoping to do was raise some money before I lost my job in September so I could take a few months to establish myself to the point where I could stay home and just podcast and write. I wouldn't be rich, God knows, but I'd be happy.

But then I lost my job in mid-July ahead of schedule. This put me in an uncomfortable position, because my current unemployment payments are less than half of what I was making at my temp job. Not only that, but I am having a hell of a time finding a good job around here. Either it doesn't pay enough, is too far away, or both.

There are other reasons too which I'd rather not get into. But the point is that if I want to get paid to write, I need to work my ass off to do it. 

You guys all have access to my previous books, which I've posted here in earlier posts. If you go back far enough you'll be able to find the PDFs.  And if you can't find them, please tell me and I'll email you a copy. 

Right now, I'm burning through Eat the Rich, but if there is anything else you really, really want me to be working on, feel free to tell me! I want to work on stuff you want to read and I want to get more manuscripts done so whatever you want, you call the shots. 

And please share this Patreon! If you like my writing, tell your friends! If I'm going to do this, I need your help. And you get stories out of it! :)