Update for this week
As I am opting to do the full re-installation for my laptop after all, this week will be different. 

Let's play -- Since I have still 30 minutes of footage left, I can cut these up into two episodes, or settle for one episode. This one will be edited today so that Saturday there will still be at least one episode publicly. I hope to upload the episodes tonight or tomorrow for you guys through my dad's computer.

Music - Depending on how much time I have left, I would love to finish through the valley. I know the re-installation of all vSTs plus programs will take the longest, so it might be good to have one song done before that.

Otherwise everything else is on hold. No new LP recordings,  or continuing composing.  I am currently in the process of transfering all the important things I have and organizing it so I have a quick startup hopefully. 

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- Need some feedback on what you are working on? You can send in any piece you have worked on, and I'll provide constructive feedback. This won't be a one time thing. I'll help you until it's done!

- (Really) old covers that won't be seen by anyone but you!

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- Any request for voice acting or vocals. (no sexual content)
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- Bard song will no longer be acapella and will be remade with instruments! Or any other own composed song for you.
- Thank you digital drawing featuring any character of your choice or self portrait!
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You are incredible! 

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