[Update] I'm back on the grid!
Note: This post could also be labeled as "Mel returns from vacation" and it'd be accurate -- that or "take me back".

Highlights for upcoming Patreon rewards (before my ramble on why I've been gone):

  • The Moments update this week (hopefully!) - with that, I've temporarily removed the old update so I can get a new one up (coming soon)
  • Another WIP of The Sirens (there's 43k of this, so I feel like this is doable) (done)
  • First character reference sheet this week - Shiva. :D (working on revamping this for June!)
  • Photo album from Yosemite adventures, coming soon! (uploaded!)
  • 15-30 from prompts from Camp NaNoWriMo (done)
  • Sketches from over the last week! (done - turned into a weekly thing)
  • Flash fiction time! (done)
  • CAT SPAM (because I've missed them too) <3
  • Cards are soon. :) (done)

That said...

This last week has been crazy. Please forgive the lack of updates! Turns out being 5,500 some feet in the air doesn't make for a very good updating spot... and now you're like "huh, you were in a helicopter?" - not so much, though I imagine that'd be its own type of special.

So the 5,500 ft up business was a surprise birthday gift to Yosemite National Park. It was one of those "didn't know I needed this in my life until I was there" moments. It was breathtaking, somewhat exhausting, and so worth it. I think I took more than enough photos, which I'll definitely post up in here once I have them sorted (probably with a huge album on Flickr), but that was an experience of a lifetime. There were so many lovely shots from the ground floor, to hiking trails that lead up to overlook the entire area. So that was the beginning of last week.

Theeeen I was back in San Francisco for the remainder of the week. It was definitely labeled as vacation, evidenced by the fact that the days completely bled together (in a good way), I walked a ton (healthy points!), and I really didn't want to try pulling myself out of that (skdfmsld). But it was a pretty week - including some random stranger coming up to me during dinner and handing me a rose - thanks kind sir?

As you can probably imagine, that made for a tiny bit of a scramble with Camp NaNoWriMo. I knew I'd probably lose a bit of time, but Scriptum sprints made up for enough time that I did hit my 40k goal (yay!).  It was surprising how out of it I felt just being displaced, mostly because there was little time to settle into "thinking" about what to write and acting on it. I don't think it was the location so much as not having a ton of time to let myself get settled.

That said, I also got to play with an iPad Pro and a Pencil and I'm basically in love. I'll make a new post with some of that stuff later... but that was a lot of fun! I can definitely understand why people dish out a few extra bucks for the combo, even if I personally can't afford it. I worked on a few sketches that I'll definitely share, and also got to plan out the character reference sheets.

Annnnnd finally, this atrocious bit of hell. I know it looks a tad bit odd. Coming back last night from SF was a bit of a disaster. Waking up at 5 and getting into Chicago was a surprising breeze (it took 15 minutes to enter the airport and get to my gate)... then the storm rolled in. A 4 o'clock flight became 5, that became 6:40, that became 8, then 9, then all of a sudden 8 am the next morning. You can imagine exactly how much I wanted to sleep on those... stretcher-bed-thingy things, so swapped planes to one coming into a nearby airport, along with the scramble to arrange transport since that was over an hour away, and making sure I actually had a luggage (the first attendant warned me that it'd probably get lost - lol, ok). Turns out, ask twice. Second attendant totally knew how to redirect luggage.

Tl;dr of the last bit: I'm very sleepy, but sad and happy to be back. I've missed writing a bit, but enjoyed myself immensely. It was a great birthday week!

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