Update! (June 2017)
Greetings readers!

A couple of quick updates:

So my short story submission to Fiction Desk was unsuccessful. Sadness! I will keep looking, and I have also asked them to provide a little more information regarding what they're looking for.

Also, if you follow my YouTube channel you will know that I am officially on a break. This is more than a hiatus, though: I'm taking this time to recalibrate my online presence. It's all to play for, but long story short there will definitely be more Patreon stuff on the horizon. It's only fair for you lovely people!

Finally, a much needed update on the upgrade for my official website. So the plan was to upgrade it and expand the features of the website, however upon further inspection of Weebly's pay structure, it's actually beneficial to pay for the upgrade in one big lump sum for a whole year, saving 49%. This will make your much appreciated funding go much further, but it does mean I'll need to wait until my PayPal pot hits a certain amount. So the upgrade will be delayed for a while, I hope you can see it's for good reasons. Rest assured that I will be adding to the site's content until then, just as much as usual.