Update (a little time, a little work)
Hey there, my beautiful peoples.
Just letting you know that we have been given the okay to start moving house now, which means for the next week I'll be buried in packing, cleaning and moving everything to the new house; my time is spent so much on this because my Partner works 50+ hours per week and can't currently take any time off of work, in order to move slowly. This unfortunately means we have Friday-Monday to pack & clean, in which my Partner is working Friday-Sunday, which means we only have Monday and Tuesday (her day's off) to do all the heavy lifting and finish off cleaning. We've set our deadline at Friday next week, but the quicker we move the more money we save; we live in a townhouse, which are (according to our agent) quite popular at the moment so they are happy to move a new tenant in before our lease is meant to end, end of July. Wednesday is my Son's 4th birthday, we have the morning while he spends the first half of his birthday with his Dad, and then from 1pm til 5pm with myself, my Partner and my Family before a big birthday dinner with the rest of his family from his Dad's side, at 6pm. (Huge day for him, I know but he absolutely loves big days!)

As you can tell, the week is quite jam packed, and within that time I'll have to move my computer from here, to there too. That means I won't have full access to all my pages and profiles and will only be able to limitedly update through Facebook and Twitter while I'm on the go (I just won't have time to update here and elsewhere besides the easiests, I'm really sorry)

So, if you're not following or haven't liked my page yet, you can find them below. I promise I'll be right back at it once we're all settled. Thursday I have a meeting about a possible career opportunity (I really need this, and I am extremely eager to have a day job). If that happens, I'll be able to afford a lot more of my own stuff and won't have to rely so much on funding to achieve so little. This means more for all of us! But for now, I have to focus on moving house, then a job and THEN I can think about funding more of my music; until then, sit tight and I'll do my best to keep as active as possible. I won't be releasing anything over the next week but I will be back as soon as I can!