Update March 20th, 2017

I've found it. Wow.

In a moment of blankness in my writing, I turned on some music to get the juices flowing. I found myself watching a video I found a while ago of David Bowie joining NIN in a performance of Hurt.

I was suddenly reminded that I've been wanting to introduce a villain, probably a tempter figure, based on the Thin White Duke.

Well, now I know. He's going to be the villain in Hidden Memory.

I'm not sure of his motivation, why he's chasing these two immortals, or even exactly what his nature is, but this image of this calm, dignified, confident villain in a long coat has solidified in my mind.

He is also immortal, though not by the same mechanics as the protagonists. They can die and are reborn. He has been alive the entire time, hounding them.

I look forward to fining out more about him.

As I type this, Hidden Memory is sitting at 4182 words- I haven’t worked on it as much as I should, but it’s moving forward.

That’s today’s update. Cheers.

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