UPDATE: New Patrons Now Rewarded Immediately!
Up until last month, new Patrons would have to wait until the first week of the month following the month they made their pledge to receive rewards. Understandably, this annoyed Patrons who wanted access to our private recipes, Q&A livecasts, and other rewards for the month their pledge was made.

Huge cheers to the Patreon team for making a change that allows Patrons to have their pledges processed immediately so that they can receive the rewards for the month their pledge was made! 

To put it simply-- rather than having to wait up to 4 weeks to be rewarded for your support, you'll receive the reward within about 24 hours of making your pledge. This is awesome! 

For the curious, here are the rewards for August:

- Invitation to The Brü Crew private forum.
- Password to Hipsta DIPA recipe and all previously released private recipes.
- Invitation to Q&A Livecast w/ Brülosophy's Malcolm Frazer.
- $10 discount on Brülosophy t-shirts at YakimaValleyHops.com.
- Entrered in drawing to win $50 Love2Brew gift certificate.
- Invite to video chat with Brülosophy contributors.
- Private consultation with Brülosophy contributor.
- Design your own xBmt.

All of this, just for helping us to bring you the articles and podcasts we do! If you have any questions about becoming a Patron, please don't hesitate to ask.


The Brülosophy Crew