So, you may have noticed no new video last week. That's for a number of reasons. I *planned* to put out TWO video the previous week, but only released one, because I got involved in a different shoot. I was doing work as an extra on Chicago Med, and since I was shooting multiple days (at usually around 12 hrs a day) my time got super limited, so was only able to put out one video that week. The shoot continued into last week as well...and I got sick on top of that. 

Currently, I'm getting over some pretty severe bronchitis. I've been coughing so much I've not really been able to sit up at the computer to edit...which on top of working 12 hr days, has really wiped me. new videos this past week. That said, I should be able to get some done for this week. I hope to put out the last three taste test videos in rapid succession this coming week, and then get back to working on the various music videos. I'll be starting up the taste test videos again in mid-October. 

So, there we are. Thank you all for understanding.