Update, October 2017
September Summary and looking to October

September 2017 saw the launch of the Written Matter patreon page, the online home of my new writings. I was able to complete 500 words of Part of Story #1. This was an exercise in setting up a scene, creating some tension with dialogue and resolving the situation just enough.

Part of a Story #1 isn’t meant to be a great piece of fiction. I started out with a couple of free flowing sentences. The piece expanded into something that I could lose myself in during the morning hours. There is still more to do on it, so I’ll be posting a draft of the story mid-october so you all can see where I am leaving off. Later I will spend some time polishing it up as a flash fiction submission piece.

October is going to be spent on the first of the short sci-fi story ideas I’ve been hoarding in my idea binder. I don’t have the title yet, but maybe something like ‘the flee encounter’.