Update Information Of Agent Alona : Missions
Alpha  5   (12/28/2016)  


1. The completion of mission 'TV Station Infiltration' with 4 new events added for it. 

2.  Adjusted the height of Alona slightly from 167cm to 168cm. 

3.  Added B10 which is a prison floor at the base.

4. First interrogation event with 4 variants.

5. Second interrogation event with 4 variants.

6. New mission 'Mafia Infiltration' and its 3 starting events.

7. New mission 'Mansion Infiltration' and its 2.5 starting events.

8. Two new outfits.

 9. One new weapon.

10. First picture of Alona's bath event at base.

11. New mission 'Strip Club Infiltration' with 4 events.

12. A new system for extra piss and scat scenes. 

Alpha  4  (5/11/2016)   

 Update :

1. New mission 'Confidential Informant'.

2. Two new outfits.

3. Minor updates at base including 2 new maps/floor.

4. Some new sprites for Alona's outfit!(Made by a friend!)

5. New Intro when starting a new game.

6. And other minor updates.

7. A new title picture.(Made by a friend too!)

 Alpha  3  (4/14/2016) 

 Update :

1. Two new outfit

2. Two new missions's startings

3. One new event

4. Event pictures of the new outfit on previous events

5. Minor changes on the game

 Alpha 2 (3/25/2016)


1. Added third outfit in the game.(Can be worn in all previous three missions and there will be event pictures for it.)

2. Added the first event in 4th mission.(This mission is a bigger mission which will be formed by a series of small missions. It is possible that i will combine into one complete mission when they are done. The erotic route will be completed first before other alternative route.)

3. Added extra event for second mission when Alona keep rejecting Simon's second request for a few times, he will be angry and has new request for her.

4. The third weapon 'Sniper Rifle' is added. It has high damage but there will be a debuff for rounds after using it.

5. Fixed pistol damage

 Alpha 1 (3/1/2016)


1. Third mission added.

2. Two events added.

3. Second weapon added.