Update Information Of Survivor Sarah 2
(Ver 0.45) (6/26/2017)


Defeat By Mutant Plant (Anne)

Defeat By Mutant Plant (Sarah)

Mutant Plant Special Attack (Anne)

Mutant Plant Special Attack (Sarah)

Medical House Body Checking (Stage 1) 

Tailor Shop (Stage 0) 

Tailor Shop (Stage 1)

Tailor Shop (Stage 2)

Village Night Outdoor P (Stage 3)

Village Night Outdoor P (Stage 4) 

Village Night Outdoor S (Stage 3)

Village Night Outdoor S (Stage 4)  

Warehouse Pay For Lost Gear (Stage 1)

Warehouse Pay For Lost Gear (Stage 2)

(Ver 0.44) (5/2/2017) 


Defeated By Mutant Worm (Sarah)

Defeated By Mutant Worm (Anne)

Brothel Bondage Prostituion (Stage 0)

Brothel Bondage Prostituion (Stage 1)

Brothel Bondage Prostituion (Stage 2)

Village Night Outdoor P (Stage 0)

Village Night Outdoor P (Stage 1)

Village Night Outdoor P (Stage 2) 

Village Night Outdoor S (Stage 0) 

Village Night Outdoor S (Stage 1) 

Village Night Outdoor S (Stage 2)

Village Daytime Outdoor P (Sarah)

Village Daytime Outdoor P (Anne) 

Village Daytime Outdoor S (Sarah) 

Village Daytime Outdoor S (Anne)


1. The light, medium and serious damage status of Anne's School Outfit are completed.

2. The battle skill pics, battle damage pics, status pics variants of Anne's School Outfit are added to the game.

3. Updated defeat scenes of Anne's school outfit to the completed one.

4. Added the battler of Frank.

5. Adjusted the calculation of hp/stamina for better roleplaying. 


1. Instead of gameover, after most defeated scenes, Sarah and Anne will be transfer to medical house in the village to continue the game. However, there will be a follow up that you can call it a minor punishment of being defeated but you can also avoid it if you have enough resources...

2. With the release of SS2 Ch2 demo, the introduction story of Ch2 is updated and you can try it to see the change.

3. Updated Sarah's battler, skill pictures for different damaged status.

4. Renewed the price of some items using 1 zombie kill = 10 resources at base.

(Ver 0.43) (2/26/2017)


Village Lesbian Pure Love (Stage 1)

Village Lesbian Pure Love (Stage 2) 

Village Old Man Request (Stage 5)

Village Old Man Request (Stage 6) 

Village Brothel Prostitution (Stage 0)(New version)

Village Brothel Prostitution (Stage 1)(New version) 

Village Brothel Prostitution (Stage 2)(New version) 

Defeat By Mutant Octopus (Sarah)

Defeat By Mutant Octopus (Anne) 


1. Added 'Girls Relationship' variable to the game to represent the relationship between Sarah and Anne. Once it is increased, there will be scene between Sarah and Anne.

 (Ver 0.42) (9/5/2016)


New picture for Sarah's Kick

Defeated By Bandit(Sarah) 

Defeated By Bandit(Anne) 

Bandit Special Attack(Sarah)

Bandit Special Attack(Anne)

Old Man Request Stage 0

Old Man Request Stage 1

Old Man Request Stage 2

Old Man Request Stage 3

Old Man Request Stage 4

Weapon Shop Upgrade Stage 3(Sarah)

Weapon Shop Upgrade Stage 3(Anne)

Bath Cave Night Stage 1

Bath Cave Night Stage 2

 (Ver 0.4) (6/29/2017)


'Dash' button 

 Three New Weapons for Sarah 

 One New Skill For Anne

 Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 

 Weapon Upgrade Stage 2

 Weapon Upgrade Stage 1

 Weapon Upgrade Stage 2

 Intro Story of Chapter 2 

 Village Guard Post Public Punishment Stage 0  

 Old Dress For Sarah's Pregnant Status 

 Village Merchant 

 A few new Maps

(Ver 0.38) (5/31/2016)


Defeat By Mutant Fly(Anne)

Mutant Fly Special Attack(Anne)

Defeat By Mutant Wasp(Anne)

Mutant Wasp Special Attack(Anne)

Defeat By Zombie(Anne)

Zombie Special Attack(Anne)

Drug Abuse Stage 0

Drug Abuse Stage 1

Drug Abuse Stage 2

Kids Art Lesson Stage 1

Kids Art Lesson Stage 2

Bath Cave Stage 3

Brothel Customer Stage 1

Brothel Customer Stage 2

Brothel Prostitution Stage 4

Movie Studio Stage 3

(Ver 0.37) (4/30/2016)


Bath Cave Stage 1

Bath Cave Stage 2

Brothel Prostitution Stage 1

Brothel Prostitution Stage 2

Brothel Prostitution Stage 3

Movie Studio Stage 1

Movie Studio Stage 2

Old Man's Maid Stage 1

Old Man's Maid Stage 2

Public Toilet Anne 1

Public Toilet Anne 2

Public Toilet Sarah 1

Public Toilet Sarah 2

Bar Dance Stage 4

Birth To Mutant Spider's Seed 

Church Pray Stage 1

Church Pray Stage 2

(Ver 0.36) (3/31/2016) 


Defeat By Mutant Wasp 

Mutant Wasp Special Attack

Birth To Mutant Wasp's Seed 

Defeat By Zombie 

Zombie Special Attack 

Bar Dance (Stage 2)

Bar Dance (Stage 3)

Anne Night Toilet 1

Anne Night Toilet 2

Anne Night Toilet 3

Outhouse Sarah

Outhouse Anne

Garden Exercises (Stage 1) 

Garden Exercises (Stage 2)

Inn Drunk Game (Stage 1) 

Inn Drunk Game (Stage 2)

Inn Drunk Game (Stage 3)

(Ver 0.34) (2/27/2016)  


Defeated By Mutant Fly

Mutant Fly Special Attack

Birth To Mutant Fly's Seeds


Night Leaking 1

Night Leaking 2

Night Leaking 3

Sarah's Light, Medium and Serious Battle Damage. And also her skill pictures under those damage status.

 (Ver 0.33) (1/31/2016)

Minor adjustment for Chapter 2