Hello fellow turtles! 

I feel like I am giving this notice really late, but better late than never, right?

I have moved out of state (yesterday) and have been very busy packing and unpacking and looking for furniture and handling registration, etc. 

It doesn't help that my body condition is that of a middle-aged man thanks to the wondrous aftereffects of my surgery... but anyway...

With my can-do attitude, I tried to think I could upload a chapter in the regular time, but alas I have failed thee. 

Seeing as I have not had the time to write anything, I expect to be late in releasing this week's chapter :( 

I will try to update as soon as possible and should not be more than a week late (this is the LATEST LATEST LAAATTTTESSST I will be late)

Thank you for all of your understanding and patience and all that other positive characteristics and traits that I've grown to be grateful for.  

TL;DR - I moved...late chapter... gomen (japenese for sorry)