Update on Arina's Story
Firstly, I apologize for my relative silence on here - I've been busy with Arina's Story and other things. But! With 14 days left, I have a world map complete, a list of all the maps yet to be made, and I'm sketching out ideas for a game cover image for Itch.io/1GAM. This: https://twitter.com/8BitGoggles/status/500756132609404928 was one idea, the other is one of Arina walking away from a tower..or surrounded by crystals...something. Something mildly epic and appropriate for a fantasy RPG. I'm really enjoying writing this one. The characters are fun, I've been learning more ways to make the game complex with multiple (well used) effects...I'm getting a lot more confident in my abilities with RPGMaker. There is a lot to do, but I am very confident I can get it all done by the end of August. \o/