Update on the September e-zine!
If you follow my Twitter feed (@SwiftCraftyM) or my Instagram feed (@swiftcraftymonkey), you'll see the hashtag #alltheingredients on so many of my posts. (Why? Look at the lists above!) 

I've been gathering and formulating with at least 200 new ingredients over the last 18 months, and I'm so excited to share them with you! You've met a few of them on this Patreon feed as I've purchased and used some in duplications, but I've been working with more than just those products. If I said I had enough material - write ups and formulas - for a year on the blog, I wouldn't be wrong.  

In the picture above, you'll see just two pages of the nearly 16 pages from that notebook, almost all of which are new ingedients. I'm not kidding when I say #alltheingredients!

Some of the formulas are modifications of other ones with new oils, butters, silicones, or esters, while others are completely new with never before seen write ups. Some are fairly easy - for instance, I'm loving my new primer with four ingredients - while others are a little more complicated, like some of the new surfactant blends and conditioners where we have to alter the pH. 

I really am incredibly excited to share so many new ingredients with you! (Ask Raymond, he'll tell you that I've been going on about it for days as I've been reviewing everything to ensure I have a nice balance, which is super hard!) 

I hope to have the e-zine out later this week, and you'll see the post here and a message in your Patreon messages on how to download it.