Update on the Kickstarter campaign for the PDA BOOK!
We're so close to 30%! Let's meet this goal this weekend by sharing the Kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter! https://bitly.com/pdabook Special announcement! Both original artwork tiers have been backed, so I will be looking through my files for new work to add. If there is a particular page you want to see up, drop me a message and I'll see about including it! I have also decided to include paintings as rewards as well! These one-of-a-kind artwork tiers will include: a signed PDA book + sketch + digital formats + original artwork! Prices will vary depending on the painting. AVAILABLE NOW - Moon Leap Tier - "La Lune" Ink & Watercolor on 16x20 board, 2012. Painted exclusively for Galerie Arludik in Paris, France for the Girls Drawin' Girls exhibition. Comes framed. Thank you again for your continued support! Till next time, Leen <3 Share the Kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter!