Update on RPGMaker game
I've got all the party characters set up (Bride, Groom, Priest, Vampire Hunter), 3/8 maps made, design for save points, plot written, side-quests written up, some dialogue written and a few little bits I can't think of right now. My Vine account has a few clips as well: https://vine.co/u/1081303912377876480 I'm still struggling for a name - so if anyone wants to throw out some suggestions it would be much appreciated. Plot summary: 2 undead hunters, a spear-wielding mercenary and an archer-mage have decided to get married after a whirlwind romance in amongst a mass-uprising of the undead. During their wedding ceremony, a storm of bats followed by a zombie horde storm the church. The two hunters plus the priest hold them off while sending the wedding guests down to the underground sanctuary. Once everyone is safe, the bride decides that now is probably the best time to get rid of the Undead Lord once and for all, if just so that their marriage can happen!