Update on New Pages
Just touching base with you guys! Things are going okay-ish now. Angela is still unemployed but she's putting in applications every day. We should still be fine for rent and bills this month so I'm not in a huge rush to pick up a ton of work. I know everyone is waiting eagerly for me to start work on the second half of chapter 2 so I thought I would let you guys know what my plans are.

I'm almost done with my Commissions Queue, and I know that looks like a lot but once I get done with the Dex's and the remaining character designs I'll be good. At that point I can start doing the Patreon pinup commissions on the side here and there until I'm fully caught up. After that, I won't take on a huge amount of commissions any time soon! Instead I will get money by selling MHFAP! adoptables like this slime girl (who still needs an owner!) and selling SexDex entries for them.

I am expecting by mid next week to be done with all the character design stuff, and after that is all done I will start sketching more pages for chapter 2! I'm very sorry for the delay on all this. Life happens and trust me no one was more upset about the delays than me. I want to be drawing Futura in the main cast already >.>