Update on our 85 domains/websites offline.
 Slowly starting to recover from the outage listed here: http://dev2dev.com/all_offline/  I now have all the domains pointing to godaddy virtual hosting for now.  Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC is my old (still alive) technology hosting and consulting company from before my retirement from tech. Once I stopped working regularly in the tech field, I found it difficult to justify the expense of a quality dedicated hosting facility, so eventually found the cheap hosting that we've been on since around ~2006 or so, but that recently "died" last week. The above link has more details at the top and bottom of the page.

I am now working to rebuild everything, while still not being allowed to get to my own server at the colo, or pull the data or the backups from the colo.

I now have a fresh install of OpenBSD 6.0 up and running on my older Asus 1u rackmount server running in my house over my Comcast 25Mbps (more like 5 Mbps to the public) connection (I will look into better options soon if I am going to have to keep this at my house). 

I have started to get some of the front/landing pages for each of the 85 domains switched form just a plain-html "Sorry we're down" to either more info with links to our Youtube channels, twitter pages, Meetup groups, Patreon pages, etc. and some other sites putting in place WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal landing pages, that will then, for the deeper links, link to the server content in my house. 

Other Minds Magazine is the furthest along for the front page (and soon the magazine archives will be back up too - http://omzine.org ). http://rpgresearch.com is going to take the longest to revive. 

I am waiting on that and the other huge sites (merp.com has thousands and thousands of content items), to see if I can get my server back, rather than trying to recreate everything from scratch from my old backups. 

If they let me get my server from the colo Monday, then I will be able to just pop that into place at my house (but will still need the front landing pages on godaddy first, and then link to that server), but at least then all the content and user accounts will be immediately back online. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I will be adding a new goal to our Patreon, if we can get to around $300/mo I can afford to host at a colo once again. The location we were at for over 10 years, was only $50. Our previous location, Hurricane Electric, was $500/mo plus bandwidth overage. The new location would be Intrinium for $250/mo plus bandwidth overage. The current godaddy virtual hosting (which is very limited in features as all virtual hosts are, compared to what we have been able to do with our own dedicated servers), is $30/mo for unlimited sites/bandwidth. So, we'll manage, but it may be a while before things are stable again.

Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding.

Happy Gaming!