Update on our status
Hey guys!

We've been quiet, we know. There just hasn't really been too much to say. We're still on hiatus while Ben is keeping busy with his dayjob and part-time work on storybook assets. We have to keep this up in order to deal with the financial burdens that seem to just keep coming.

Ben is changing jobs soon. At the end of this month he will start working for Kopskop games doing animation on a sidescroller, in collaboration with Free Lives, the team that brought you Broforce. This is an exciting career opportunity for him because this trajectory is more promising than his current storyboarding gig. He had a great time at Sunrise, but video game development is a new and exciting chapter. We have yet to see how his workflow goes after hours. There is a chance that he may have more time to work on comics, but as with anything in life, we're not counting our chickens before they hatch.

In the meantime I have been instructed by the neurologist to rest my hand COMPLETELY for the next few months. That means not doing anything with it, not even using the PC mouse or really typing. I am using both hands to type this, but after I've posted it's back to left-hand-only mode.

BUT! We will be at FanCon! We're going to try and have some awesome shirts and patches made for it. We couldn't afford to print Volume 1 of Cottonstar like we wanted, but we will have some new print sizes available and our stock will get a reshuffle. Ben has been trying to finish the mini comic he started during inktober, and has been working on that during his lunch breaks at the office. Trinetta Sky is a short, black and white comic, about a little cat mage. I won't say more than that. Spoilers!

Once we have the FanCon floor plan, we will put up a proper blog post on the Cottonstar site with pics of the shirt design and the patch design, as well as a preview of Trinetta Sky.

Thanks as always for your patience.

Kind Regards

Danelle & Ben