Update on "Neptune" Pirate Mermaid!
Hi everyone! Been painting all day and just finally got past the "I want to throw this in the garbage" phase, YAY!! Almost there, and it's coming out so great! Sorry, no works in progress at this time, it will be a total surprise, as I haven't posted a single work in progress anywhere on the web at all.

This painting will be posted HERE first and up for grabs on a "Pre-Sale" Offer for Patrons ONLY ($1 and up supporters) in just about an hour or two, so I wanted to give you a heads up! If it doesn't get snagged here, it will go up for auction on eBay. For this one, I will give it until Sunday here on Patreon before I put it up on eBay (mostly because we are going camping tomorrow so I won't be in the studio!), but since it is first come, first served, sooner than later is always better =D. Stay tuned, thanks :)!

<3 Hannah

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