Update On Season 2!
Hello Patrons! 

Thank you all so much for continuing to support The Mr. Mysterio Podcast! You might be wondering "When will we hear some new episodes?" or "What's happening to Mr. Mysterio?" or "Is this even still a thing?" 

Yes, dear audience, it is very much still a thing. I've got gobs of new scripts written (Is 9 scripts a gob? Ok, just one gob then.) and we're hoping to get into the studio to record Season 2 very soon. We've got some great stuff coming to the Wandering Hills Industrial Complex, so always keep your heads up. 

Your support of this podcast will continue to pay for our studio time and our websites and hopefully some other exciting goodies while we get this season put together. 

The Mysterio cast has been up to some amazing stuff over these past few months. Currently Nashville Story Garden is getting ready for it's first stage production. Love Song will open in late October and will feature performances from Aaron Muñoz, Lauren Berst, and Tamara Todres (or, as you may know them Mr Mysterio, Antioch, and Agnes).

I'm excited to get next season recorded, ready, and into your ears. I'll keep you updated along the way. Thanks for staying tuned-in.