Update on Super Mario Odyssey
Hello! And Happy Almost-December.

It's been a while since I did an update post. I speak a lot about upcoming stuff on streams and that makes me think the information is already "out there". That's wrong of me. I should still make posts here.

A video on Super Mario Odyssey wasn't meant to be next. After I streamed it, however, I realized I had enough to say to make the video and, thanks entirely to all of your support here on Patreon, I can take the hit when Nintendo inevitably copyright claims the video. That was originally the second biggest reason why I didn't want to do another big Nintendo release--even with Patreon support, I didn't want the hassle of dealing with Nintendo.

After playing it, I had enough to say that I knew I had to make a video. I was excited to get going on it--and I still am, but it's not quite as pure a feeling as it was before (we'll get to that). I wanted it done by the end of November. I figured it would be a medium-length project. There's a reason I give only rough estimates now, if any at all.

The biggest reason I didn't plan on doing an Odyssey video was that I didn't want to have to replay 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2, and 3D World. And now that I've gotten every moon in Odyssey, have over 10,000 words of notes written, I've come to the conclusion that I have to replay 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2, and 3D World. I've already gone through a 70-star run of 64. I'm halfway through what I hope is enough time with Sunshine but I might have to replay the whole thing. So far everything I'm seeing in the game is going to be vital for some big points in the Odyssey video, even if a lot of the footage won't be necessary.

So this has turned into a massive project. Even more than usual. I still don't anticipate the video being longer than 45 minutes but having to play all these games again--hopefully only Sunshine all the way, if required--is going to take a lot of time. I need another week past my previous estimate at least.

There hasn't been a big video on the channel for a while so maybe this will be good news for some. But delays aren't good either. I think most of you are used to this by now and trust that I'm working as much as I can. I know some may be unhappy with the streams continuing but those are their own kind of vital. Both to not be solely reliant on YouTube, and to gather a lot of experience on games I'm not making videos for. Or to find games I *should* make videos for. I recently did Undertale and that will be a video sometime in the near future. I'm really excited for it. That wouldn't have happened for a long time without streaming.

So that's an update on Odyssey. After that should be a shorter video on Hellblade. Then a big video on Automata. And then Horizon Zero Dawn followed by "going dark" for the Witcher Project. I might try to have Undertale as a solo buffer video between those two. I think just something, anything, would be good for that considering how long the Witcher will take.

I hope that's acceptable. Apologies if it isn't. But I figure it's better if you're all kept informed.

- Joe