Update on Current Work in Progress
I'm making good progress on my third track of the third album now. Still some way to get it finished, it's done when it's done.

I'm currently experimenting with sidechain compression on this track to get the low frequencies through the mix a bit better and clearer. I've applied sidechain compression on one of my earlier tracks just for the fun of it but not played with that technique since. So I've recently learned that sidechain compression is useful for getting the low frequencies (kick drum, bass etc.) through the mix more crisp and clearly. I've always struggled with the low frequencies as they tend to be either too loud on good speakers or too soft on trash speakers.

So I'm quite curious to find out how this will sound once it's all mixed and mastered. If it works as I hope it does, I may re-visit some of my older tracks to brush them up and make a remix.

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