Update one day early because its your Weekend and not mine :D
I shouldn't hold back on an update on a saturday, since you all probably want to test things yourself. ^^

Also happy new year, even though that is a bit late to say.

I should just go on with the Changelog since due to the extra update at the holidays I have less things to say. Also I should really add at least one screenshot to every future post.

Added Scissors, they shear Mobs and harvest wooly things. They aren't suitable for shearing Leaves. Also you shouldn't run around with them. ;)

Added Tooltips to Items that can be used as Cover.

Added a Blank Cover, that is used for crafting. But it can also serve as Decoration. Use Chisel to change Design.

Added the Workbench Cover back. Now with a few more Decorative options.

Added the Machine Status Display Cover. It shows you in detail what the Machine is doing and even has an ON/OFF switch integrated. More Details in the actual Changelog.

Added Automatic Switch Cover. This Cover makes sure that the Machine is only consuming Energy while active (unlike Machines without this Function). See it as some kind of Upgrade.

Also those Covers do not block the Sides anymore, meaning you can attach them just for Decoration or their Functionality without having to worry about things like obstructing Inputs/Outputs/Clicks.