UPDATE: Patreon Rebranding and Rewards Sent
Hello Everyone! As just an update, this Pateon Page will be going through a rebranding soon.   

I will still be the one who is running it, and you will still be following my work, but I will be changing this Patreon from "Courtoon" to my shop name.

  I am doing this for many reasons, but mostly because I want this patreon to accurately represent what you are supporting.   While this Patreon was under the handle 'Courtoon' many people assumed this would be a more cosplay orientated Patreon.  As you all know by now, this is not the case.   This patreon is to support artistic adventures, and to help get those items to you! 

I appreciate everyone so much, and I realize that many people may decide not the further their pledge, but I thank you for everyone's support so far. In terms of rewards, not much will change, there will be new tiers, but other than that, you will still get what your tier offers.  

 You won't notice anything aside from a name change, but change is weird.

  In other news: September Rewards  are out!