Update Plan
Since a few people keep asking here is the plan so far:

* Update ICBM classic to 1.12 (Number 1 goal)

* Port all SBM mods to newer versions (Happen in spare time)

* Finish bucket mods (Just need textures)

* Clean up github (we have a  lot of unfinished mods there)

* Figure out development priorities (ICBM Classic -> ICBM -> Atomic Science -> ? -> ?)

* Revive Atomic Science (1.7.10 first)

* Finish Assembly Line update (Need to finish pipes, belts, and automation)

* Finish JSON port for Voltz Engine 1.7.10 (Lem can stop asking about borked items)

* Finish JSON and rewirte for ICBM 1.7.10 (Effectively making it no depend on MC code when done)

* Finish abstraction layer (Save me ~80% time updating)

* Port abstraction layer to 1.12 (ICBM should be to 1.12 same time)

* Port larger mods to abstraction and JSON systems

* Stabilize mods (might happen sooner than other tasks)

* Finish Voltz Classic modpack

* Work on Basic Industries

This is just a rough list of the major tasks to complete. Not including a lot of the background stuff such as the site, build servers, automation tasks, wiki, game servers, test server, etc. Most of this will change as we formalize the plan for the year.

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