Hey everyone, it's the husband. Here's a glimpse at today's update on Patreon coming later on. First, for patrons pledging $1 or more a month we have #157. I pull the wife's nude heels off of her grey tights-clad feet, and we get some nice close-ups in this fast food restaurant. For patrons pledging $15 a month, I have something truly special. A clip from something I hope to share down the road. Back in the late 90's when I used to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo yearly, I got the nerve to shoot these outstanding Nintendo ladies decked out in tan nylons. Most of which were in their nylon feet, to my delight. This is candid, and marks my first ever nylon foot fetish video. Please enjoy this first look at my very old footage, and thanks for supporting us. Not a patron? Select a tier and make a pledge. :)