UPDATE - Project 10k

Hey guys, I'm... I'm still here!

And I'm still working on English UTAU!!

Sorry I've been absent for so long. I'm honestly still trying to figure out how I can use Patreon and not feel weird about accepting money from people… ahh ;;

But I'm here now to tell you all about the new project I've been working on! I've decided to call it Project 10k. 

This is a separate project from the public VCCV English Reclist. I haven’t abandoned VCCV, I’ve just been increasingly side tracked with working on testing completely new things, rather than things for the public Reclist. 

Basically, these were all the things I was working on before I decided to develop a list that was compact and hopefully somewhat useable by the community. i.e. VCCV.  

So, for now, Project 10k mostly consists of me and a few highly-trusted friends (who I have under NDA) testing out more theories I’ve come up with for how to make English singing sound more realistic within UTAU. 

I’ve posted a few vague tests to my SoundCloud over the past 5 months or so:




These samples are all using a brand new Reclist. To give you an idea, the VCCV Reclist has around 3000 lines of oto. The Project 10k Reclist has over 10,000 lines of oto. (Hence the idea for the name!) 

I’ve decided that for the upcoming new year I will post all my work with Project 10k exclusively to Patreon for my paying patrons! (Other than the complete final version of Originals and Cover songs which will be posted here 2 weeks before released to the public.)

Thank you to all of those who have stuck with me! Please continue to bear with me while I still strugle trying to figure out how to best create this Patreon community with you all. <3

And to start off, I have a real treat coming up for this month, so please keep an eye out for it next week! ;D