• Celestes - Chapter 23, Chapter 24, and Chapter 25 sneak peek (another update on Monday)
  • Common Knight - Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 sneak peek
  • Guard - Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 sneak peek
  • CommonerD - Chapter 14
  • Commoner - Chapter 13


  • Celestes - Chapter 18, Chapter 19, and Chapter 20 sneak peek
  • Common Knight - Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 sneak peek
  • Guard - Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 sneak peek
  • CommonerD - Chapter 11
  • Commoner - Chapter 10

There are two updates for Celeste tier patrons today because I failed to upload last Monday. I've been struggling with the last few chapters because they've been really hard to write, but I expect improvements on the next few edits that I'll be making. I'll upload revisions as I go so if you like reading back, please feel free to do so.

Also, we've reached 300 patrons! I'll be adding another bonus on the queue. I'm really sorry if I'm writing so slow, but I'll make sure I get back on track by Monday. Then I can start working on more chapters.

Never realized trying to get back in the game would be so tough!

Please enjoy the updates in your drive!